Embodied Wellness  - Counseling, Coaching, Consulting
Services Offered
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Personal Growth & Counseling   
Individual counseling sessions increase self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-love. We explore the role of our inner teacher and how to  listen through empowerment, integration, and embodiment.      
Relationship & Family Support 
Partner and family sessions develop skills in communication and authentic connection while deepening intimacy and honesty. We explore commitment, differentiation, and the role of in/dependency to better understand how to achieve balance of self and other in relationship.
Classes & Workshops 
Embodied Wellness offers therapy groups, classes, and workshops based on the needs and interests of our community. Every group offered attends to the safety of the collective as well as individual concerns, creating an inclusive and contained environment to deepen and explore relevant topics. Content is creative, inspiring, and accessible for all, integrating exercises and practices that can be used in and out of the classroom.
Sample Course Themes:
  • Witnessing & Being Witnessed - discovery in Authentic Movement
  • Relationship Sustainability
  • Body Image Development
  • Magic in the Mundane
  • Movement and Change - integrating the body 

"Rachael hosted a true, warm and open space for my process to unfold. I felt confident in her lack of judgment from the first moment, which allowed my full expression to come forth and for me to explore immediately. I am so grateful to Rachael for creating and holding this space for me and others."
- Kristen Luce, Consultant/Counselor
Spiritual Wellness & Retreats                       
Wellness Retreats provide the opportunity to rejuvenate, slow down, and connect with your highest Self. We provide the space, containment, and witnessing to rediscover balance, allow fluidity, and reconnect with your inner sense of peace and calm. Retreats are designed upon request and create an environment that opens to the deeper truths of self-reflection, personal enrichment, and healing. Previous themes have included the balance of masculine & feminine, intuition & intention and stillness & movement.
"Rachael holds space for deep body practices in a gentle and subtle way- she offers up guidance without imposing any of her own ideas, allowing the participants to create a genuine relationship to the practice, ourselves and each other. Rachael’s ease of presence, sense of humor, humbleness and embodiment make her the ideal leader/facilitator for therapeutic and movement based practices." 
-Hannah Kinderlerlehrer, Mom/Dance Teacher
What is Authentic Movement?
Authentic Movement is a body-referenced and movement-centered awareness practice in which there is a mover (client) and a witness (therapist). With eyes closed, the mover listens to, and follows an inner impulse to move in the presence of an accepting witness. Movement may arise from sensation, image, memory, thought, and/or direct experience. This practice supports individuals to align with and move their essential truth in the presence of another, strengthening their ability to track embodied experience, and practicing self-referencing speech as a means to bring consciousness to their body’s wisdom.

"The very clear joy radiated by Rachael is tangible. Her warmth, energy and patience are beautiful and simple, and I simply wanted to learn from her because of how inviting and open she is. I felt fully able to explore my own self expression and needs during the workshop because of Rachael’s ability to create such a lovely, inviting, and safe space."
-Kerri Entin, Physician
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